Thursday, September 10, 2009

Portland at South Port Marina

We’re feeling the need to head south while the hurricanes seem to be absent for awhile. You can see from the photo that Yankee Marina is at the very end of the Royal River. That’s the 495 bridge you see in the foreground. Yankee Marina finished their work this morning and I filled the water tanks. Our system is to use a house filter with a carbon element to further purify the water. The filter assembly is heavy enough to stay in place even with the pressure of the water coming out. You don’t have to stand there and hold the hose against the input opening of the tank, very convenient. For drinking water, we have a Seagull filter at the galley sink to provide yet another level of filtration. It saves having to cart around drinking water in additional jugs.

As I said, we are now seriously headed south and our first stop was at South Port Marina in Portland. It’s the most protected marina in the Portland harbor and it’s located at the extreme southwest corner of the harbor, far away from harbor waves. Looking at the weather forecast tonight, we’ll probably head out Friday towards Portsmouth, NH, we’ll see.
Meanwhile, we enjoyed the view of Portland from across the harbor at South Port Marina.