Thursday, September 3, 2009

Boothbay Harbor

The morning dawned with blue skies and bright sunshine. You can definitely feel the autumn coolness in the air in the morning but the sun warms things up in a few hours. Taking Hoolie to his “island of rock” is an adventure. We had to nose the dink into the rocks with the motor idling just to keep it in place while he jumped out, harpoon line spinning out of the dink as usual. There was a small patch of greenery on the rocks and Hoolie found it – happy for that. The water was dead calm and in the clear morning air we saw two eagles flying through the trees. I wasn’t fast enough to get a photo.

Boothbay Harbor is only 4 miles away so we just motored over and picked up our reserved mooring. We found out later that they were sold out for the Labor Day weekend. Boothbay is the home of several windjammers and sailing vessels of all types. It’s a fun town to just explore too with lots of shops, lots of places to eat. We took advantage of the latter and ate too much!

Boothbay Harbor traditionally has a concert at the library on most Thursday nights so we took advantage of that tonight. The best you can say is that they try hard. In fact, the whole town tries hard to please the people that come to visit Maine and they succeed! It’s very pleasant to visit and the prices are very reasonable. The mooring at Tugboat Inn was only $26 and that comes with free WiFi that reaches the mooring field, washers and dryers, free showers and a place to walk Hoolie. A halibut sandwich with fries and clam chowder was only $12.50, rum punch was $2.50 a glass at Kalers. It was all excellent. If you wish you can take a whale watch boat, go deep sea fishing, have a clam bake on a nearby island, go to Mohegan for a day or just look through the 100 or so shops in town. It’s a nice place for a stopover.