Sunday, September 6, 2009

Boothbay Harbor - Sunday

It was another fine, blue sky day but cool in Boothbay Harbor today. Still, it reached into the 70’s under the full sun. Tomorrow’s high is predicted at 65 so it’s definitely time to head west and south. This morning though we walked Hoolie and then went into town for a paper and our traditional donuts on a Sunday for breakfast. We consumed the Boston Globe on the back of the boat and lazed away the morning.

We asked the breeder what tips he had on getting Hoolie to be better on a lease. He recommended a “kennel lead” which consists of a rope with a ring on the end that you loop the rope through like a choke collar except it made of rope and not chain. I made one from spare rope and a brass ring I had on board. Additionally you’re to carry a paper tube from a used roll of paper towels and give him a swat if he barges ahead of you. It makes a wonderful booming sound and after awhile, all Ann had to do was to slap it against her leg to get a response from Hoolie. He is improving, just not very quickly. There was a lot of activity in town with boats coming and going, plenty of cruises to select from. It’s been a great weekend for the town.

To celebrate our last day we returned to Kalers for a late lunch. They had $1.50/glass house wine and fried clams. They have an outside lobster tank which we inspected. They encourage you to pick up the lobsters which Matthew loved to do, we left them alone.

After dinner we made our annual pilgrimage to the fudge factory which we’ll consume over the next few days. What a selection, it all looks so good. We reminisced on our summer in Maine and all the fun we’d had. We’re already planning our trip next summer!