Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Titusville - Wine with friends

Our neighbor, the one legged blue heron. 
When I leave Fleetwing for an extended period of time, I'm sure to double up all the lines. Recently, we've added the heavy duty inflatable fender too. With the 5 ft long fender and extra lines, we feel secure.

Inside the Sabre
I will pick up the rental car Wednesday morning and pack that afternoon so we can leave at the crack of dawn on Thursday morning. That should get us to Carrie's by Friday afternoon. We were invited over for wine and drinks at 5:00 by Jack from the Windmill Harbour YC. He was passing through and he happened to dock at Titusville when we were here so we had a good get together for an enjoyable evening. He has a brand new Sabre 45 Salon Express powerboat. It's a beautiful boat to cruise in.

The view forward, note the seats and the huge Garmin chartplotters
We have one more prep day before we leave and I also will pick up the rental car on Wednesday morning. The blog will end on Wednesday night to be restarted upon our return in January. We aren't particularly looking forward to color weather but we wouldn't mind a little (LITTLE only) snow during our visit north just to remind us of what winter is like - but not too much!


Ted A said...

That Jack guy looks familiar.

Bob423 said...

Ted, he was just someone we met on the dock...