Monday, November 5, 2018

Titusville - Hobby Lobby and propane refill

We're in Florida, lots of flowers about
Since I had the propane tank recertified last year, I had no problems getting it refilled this time. Most places don't even look at the date but a few do. So while Ann shopped at the biggest Hobby Lobby I've ever seen, I made sure she had ample propane for dinner preparation, an important need for me.

I thought I'd show how our new, inflatable fenders are working out. They won't flip out.
Who needs fender boards with a 5 ft fender?
I now have a car reserved for our trip home and back, about two months worth. Enterprise has gotten too expensive. I can remember when Enterprise was the upstart company and Hertz dominated the car rental market. Now it's the other way around and Enterprise no longer gives big discounts to major firms like IBM. So with Hertz now looking for business, they turned out to be $600 cheaper for the time period I wanted. What a turnaround.

Nice colors, Ann noticed the sunset light
My AIS transponder is due to arrive Tuesday and I'll do a full report on what I find. It will be my third AIS but the first one that transmits over WiFi to my iPad for the display of AIS targets. It also displays instrument data with the appropriate interfaces.

It continues to be much warmer than normal, at least compared to our past experiences. The temperature reaches into the 80's every day now. We're always running the AC now. We have a ton of boat work to complete before leaving on Thursday of next week in our rental car to return for the holidays. It's our annual road trip north.


Ted A said...

Hi Bob, which AIS Transponder did you go with?

Anonymous said...

Hi Bob,
Can you tell me what utility you use to record and then download your GPX routes?

Thanks, Ken