Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Titusville - Updating Waterway Guide and taking on water

Evidently, there's good fishing in the marina
I spent most of the day updating Waterway Guide alerts. I try to include a small chart of the shallow area covered with a dotted line showing the best path through the hazard for the deepest water. I like the visual chart I can provide with Waterway Guide as opposed to just text with Active Captain. I construct the chart using my iPad photo editing program on a chart I copy from Aqua Map. It makes for a good outline on how to get through a problem area.

My new AIS transponder arrived today and I'll take a try at installing it on Wednesday. I'm also due to get the permanent repair done on the fuel filter holder where I stripped the threads on the bleeder screw. My workaround of putting an O-Ring around the screw has held tight ever since the Hudson River. Since the screw holding it tight has stripped threads, it can't be a permanent fix. I could tighten the screw just enough to stop the fuel leak.

And another guy is standing by for his turn
We're trying a new leash on Hoolie. He could pull a dogsled all by himself except that we're on the other end, not a dogsled! So we're trying out a "no pull harness" which hasn't worked in the past but perhaps this time it will.

All topped off by good color in the sunset - perfect
We're aiming for a Thursday of next week departure date for returning to New York for the holidays. It's still less expensive to rent the car and keep it as opposed to renting one-way cars for each leg of the trip.


Hesperus said...

The dog whisperer did a show on dog walking. He used a double D ring collar that had a slight choke, but note of a tightening around the neck and a regular leash. He kept the collar high on the neck and kept the leash quite short which kept the head held high . The idea was when out for a walk, it was not time to allow said dog to lower their head and smell the ground, thus eliminating lots of pulling when a new smell was discovered.

I tried that with a friends dogs. The dog wanted to smell the ground but when she couldn’t the dog did a wonderfully nice walk. She really pranced along the street. My friend said nice, but I gave you the easy dog. We switched dogs and the other one did the same thing. It was a very quick transformation.

May be worth a try.

Vermontsailor said...

gentle leader for dogs