Saturday, November 3, 2018

Titusville - We provision

Everybody's got to eat - he caught this one right in the marina
When I got the car, I had the option of getting a Jeep at the same price. It's a great car. I can see the attraction. It's put together like Lego. You can remove the top, the sides, the doors if you want and then put it all back together by yourself. It has huge tires and a full size spare mounted on the back. The ground clearance is about twice that of most cars. It's a fun car to drive. We'll take it to the Black Point drive on Merritt Island Wildlife Refuge on Sunday so expect a lot of bird photos tomorrow.

I find it amazing the way palm trees can just keep surviving any storm that comes its way
The Walmart here is an exceptional store for a Walmart. They are not all the same. We refuse to go to the one at home in New York. We are now provisioned for the rest of our stay here. Meanwhile, Hoolie rediscovered the dog park and he did his usual running around at top speed. He's 10 years old now but he doesn't show any signs of slowing down, unlike the rest of us.

We will take a day off from all the boat chores to explore Merritt Island on Sunday. You can get wrapped up in boat stuff and never smell the roses.


Art Watson said...

Hi Bob,

A note of thanks from a faithful follower of your blog, and an off-the-Wall question for you: Last June (I believe), you did a great comparison of tablet apps that might replace Garmin Bluechart Mobile ( which I used with great satisfaction going down the Waterway in 2014). It seemed to me that AquaMap was the clear winner at that time and I happily made a note to download it when preparing to cruise on my current boat, which is located in Mexico. To my great disappointment, I learned that AquaMap does not work inMexico.

Can you recall which apps you reviewed have chartingfor Mexico, and whether any of them now support Active Captain?

Thanks and best wishes,

Art Watson

Bob423 said...

Art, unfortunately, at this time I don’t know of any stand alone iPad app that covers Mexico and has Active Captain. The Garmin Active Captain app does cover Mexico ($150) but you need a Garmin chartplotter to use it for Navigation. The two possibilities are iNavX and SEAiq but so far they hacpvent updated their interface to Active Captain. They have old posts but not new ones.