Friday, November 9, 2018

Titusville - A visit to the Apple Store

Quiet, warm weather
I finally ordered my iPad Pro 12.9 for pickup at the nearest Apple store which was in Orlando. We already had a rental car so off we went heading west. The store is in one of the largest malls I've ever seen, the Florida Mall in Orlando. The entire front of the Apple Store is all glass and the inside was packed! There was hardly any room to move through the aisles but then they had lots of clerks.

Ann's painting from last week
My order was ready with my name printed on all the boxes. I used my passport to identify myself although I could have used my driver's license. It has to be a government issued ID with your photo on the card. I got every adapter they advertised and one special one labeled as an adapter from their new connector (USB-C) to the old standard USB-A that's on my laptop. So I brought everything back to the boat. To my dismay, the adapter which was supposed to connect the iPad to the laptop had a female plug for the USB-A end. That does not work! You need a male plug for the connection to the laptop. So here I sit with all the goodies from Apple and no way to configure my iPad Pro, I am not happy! So much for the Apple experts in the store.

It's been so hot that we've been running the AC even at night until we go to bed. We may be wishing for that heat when we go north in a week. We'll empty the freezer this year after our experience with losing electricity one time and facing cleaning out the freezer from the remains of some very active bugs. You never want to do that again (how to get rid of the odor?)

Tomorrow morning I'll give my presentation on "Who Do You Trust (for navigation)"  to the Seven Seas Cruising Association Gam which ought to be interesting. I had wanted to use my new iPad Pro, oh well.