Friday, November 2, 2018

Titusville Marina - at a dock

There were five dredges around Ponce de Leon inlet!
There were storms predicted for later today so we thought to leave early in the morning to reach Titusville before the front arrived. We left about 1/2 hour before sunrise but after it was light and headed south. There are two hazards by Ponce de Leon inlet. One to the north by R2 and R2A where I found only 6.0 MLW at R2 and a second hazard at R18 where I found 14 MLW. It had obviously been dredged since I found 5.0 MLW there in the spring. The rest of the trip was uneventful. I uploaded my track tonight;.

Titusville is packed!
The wind picked up in the afternoon but the rains held off until after we arrived at Titusville. The place here is full! I've never seen it so full as today. We just about got the last slip available and if I hadn't made reservations last year, I doubt I would have had a slip! Titusville is no longer a secret well kept.

Our home for the next two months, A42
So I ordered a new AIS that transmits over WiFi so my iPad can pick up and display AIS targets. I'll let you know how it turns out when it arrives next week. I tried to order a new iPad Pro but it's not available yet and the delay, if you put yourself on a waitlist, is one to two weeks. That's too long for getting the shipment to Titusville. I'll get it when I arrived home, two weeks off.

We are now in our fall home for the next two weeks. We will rent a car and return north for the holidays to return in January for the trip to Key West. We are looking forward to both the holidays up north and the trip to Key West. Time for some fun.


Unknown said...

Bob and Ann, it has been very helpful and reassuring to be following your steps down the icw this fall. Cindy and I enjoyed having dinner with you in Coinjock and seeing you at several locations including Charleston. We passed you in Titusville several hours ago and are heading to our home in Clearwater Florida. We hope to be home around November 8th. Enjoy the holidays and thanks for posting all the information about the icw. Regards, Chris and Cindy McDonnell M/Y INDIGO

Bob423 said...

Chris and Cindy, I glad you made a safe trip! Let’s meet up again sometime.

s/v Aimless said...

Hi Bob. What can you tell us about this new AIS device ?

Bob423 said...

John, I ordered the Vesper XB-8000 with an antenna splitter. It will transmit AIS info over a WiFi connection that can be picked up by my iPad with a free program. It will also transmit all NMEA instrument data too. It should arrive this week. I’ll post on how it goes.