Thursday, November 8, 2018

Titusville - Painting on a boat

Ann loves to paint - and I love to see the pastels around Fleetwing!
I still haven't finished installing the AIS. All the colored wires have to go to the right matching colored wire - and they aren't the same colored wires between the Garmin 492 and the AIS unit. It's like communicating in a foreign language. All of the wires have their own special names as if they have secret codes. It would be too simple if you just connect the NMEA wires color to color (blue to blue, brown to brown) but that would be too easy and the tech support couldn't justify their existence. The owner of the place where I bought the AIS unit was in Asia but he still answered my emails (bless him...) and at last, I have the secret color code to connect the wires. That's a project for Friday. I hope it works.

Meanwhile, Ann escaped to the cockpit and worked on pastels all day. It's nice to see the paintings all around the inside of Fleetwing, I enjoy them. She was invited to speak at the SSCA Gam but declined. Painting on a boat is a very specialized project and if you're not a painter, it's hard to communicate how to do it.

And Hoolie loves to run, and run, and run...
We took Hoolie over to the dog park again but only allowed him a short run due to the heat, in the high 80's. I'm sure we'll remember the heat fondly when we're up north for the holidays. On Friday, we're off to the nearest Apple store to pick up an iPad Pro 12.9 inch model with all the accessories. Ann will probably veer off and seek out the nearest Chico's. Seven days until we head north.