Sunday, November 4, 2018

Titusville - We tour Merritt Island

"Donuts 4 You" has the best donuts in Titusville - Sarah was a connoisseur of donuts, I'll take her word for it
We started out the day with a fine storm, lots of rain and some wind. I inflated our blow up fender that's 12 inches in diameter and five feet long. I hung it right by the pier that we are against. Due to the length of the fender, there's no chance of it flipping out! We are great fans of this addition to our boat. You may not need it often but when it's needed, all you do is inflate it with the dinghy pump. I got the heavy duty type.

They were always looking at you as you passed by
We were prepared for rain all day but it cleared up and we decided to explore Merritt Island Wildlife Refuge. We had a Jeep for a rental car so naturally, we had to go on all the back roads that we couldn't with a street car. We didn't see as many birds as we expected, perhaps it's because it's been warmer than usual, I don't know. What we did see were a lot of alligators but they kept to the marshes, away from the road. The sun even came out for a while, nice.

Lots of alligators to see
Hoolie notified us it was time to go to the dog park but his clock was an hour off due to the time change. Likewise for dinner. He sat right next to me, asking for his evening meal but it was too soon! A time change is tougher on a dog than us. We have one more day with the Jeep and Ann's going to Hobby Lobby, there's a brand new one in Titusville, a huge store. As for me, I have to get the propane refilled. I had a problem last year when the tank was outdated. You have to get the tank recertified after 10 years which I dd in Titusville for $20 each but it's only good for another 5 years. Then you have to do it all over again. For now, I'm okay on the tank dating. 
We enjoy just walking through the marshland


Anonymous said...

Hi Bob, Ann,
Those inflatable fenders are a great find. I was trying to figure out how I would do fender boards but those inflatable fenders solve all the problems at once. I'll definitely be getting a couple.


Bob423 said...

Ken, yes, why fiddle with fender boards when you can get one 12 in by 5 ft inflatable that’s even a better solution (boards can break). The heavy duty style is incredibly rugged. When you buy one, mention where you heard about them. They said they noticed an uptick in sales recently and wondered why. I am not associated with them, I receive no fee or discount. I just like to recommend products that work. They were also top rated by Practical Sailor in an evaluation of the top inflatable fenders on the market.