Friday, May 15, 2015

Solomons Island - At anchor by the Holiday Inn

We're the last boat in line, far left
The passage this morning was a smooth as silk which we especially like since we had to transit the mouth of the Potomac River, always an adventure. The forecast was a little strange. They predicted a small craft advisory for the Chesapeake but not until 2:00 pm. We were inside and anchored by that time so it didn't affect us.

The wonderful, wonderful dinghy dock - it would be tough accessing shore without it
The anchorage we use is opposite the Holiday Inn and completely protected in all directions with good holding. The great attraction in addition to the protection is the availability of a dinghy dock hosted by the Holiday Inn with a $2 fee. So there's easy access to shore with 7/11 type stores and a Food Lion supermarket about a mile walk away.

First charging station I've seen
I made the hike to the store to pick up the last of our provisions before reaching PYC, no more stores enroute. Along the way I saw an electric car charging station tucked behind a store, the first one I've ever seen. I wonder how you pay for the electricity.

From here on it's just watching the weather, especially down the Delaware Bay and up the Atlantic coast. Saturday and Sunday look good for making Chesapeake City. We'll stop in Annapolis tomorrow to stage us for the Sunday leg.


wjs said...

We are starting to these charging stations around the area. I think most are standardised for the majority of electric cars,and use a type of subscription card to bill the charges. All except the Tesla charging stations, which are proprietary and free fo Tesla owners, nationwide. Nice deal for a high price.