Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Atlantic City - at a dock

It's a huge marina and we like it for a stop along the New Jersey coast
We thought we had a good forecast when we left Cape May with light winds out of the south but the ride north was anything but comfortable. There was a 3 ft swell coming in from the east and a 1.5 ft swell arriving from the southeast. The two swells combined in various combinations to provide a very bouncy ride north. To make matters worse, what wind there was came out of the south which gave no angle against the mainsail to steady the boat. So we endured, no problem, just uncomfortable.

Typical patrons, two white-haired ladies
We made a steady 7.3 kits north and arrived at Atlantic City  by 1:45 pm. In the past we've anchored out at the Coast Guard Station by a sandy beach but recently we've taken to just getting a dock at the Golden Nugget (used to be Trump). In the off season (before Memorial Day) the cost is only $2/ft and if you have a MarinaLife membership, it's only $1.50/ft. So for us at $1.50/ft it's worth the expense. It comes with access to the swimming pool on the 6th floor with a good view of the area and access to showers, restrooms and even exercise equipment along with free WiFi.

The slips on E dock are for larger boats but we get to use them in the off season
I plan on celebrating our cruise south with dinner at the Charthouse on Wednesday evening at the marina, it's one of Ann's favorite restaurants. We will wait out high winds on Wednesday and plan on leaving Thursday with a swell about 1/2 what we saw today and a west wind that ought to stabilize the boat better, we hope. We plan on dropping anchor at Atlantic Highlands that night.


Anonymous said...

Hi Bob & Ann,

I first came aware of your Blog thanks to ActiveCaptain about 3 months ago and have enjoyed every posting since. Keep them coming!

Just for planning purposes, what should be the diesel fuel budget for a one-way trip like yours? I know there are a number of variables in the equation. Just looking for a +-$100 ballpark figure.


Bob423 said...

The fuel budget depends. The cost of diesel took a plunge compared to last year, mostly in the $2.60 to $2.80 range, that's a big difference from last year's pricing of $4 to $5/gal! We burn about 1.2 gal/ hr at 7.3 kts so that's about 6 Nm per gallon. Depending upon where you leave from, it's a math exercise. Remember the 6 Nm/gal is in Nautical miles, not Statue miles.

Anonymous said...

Thank You & Safe Travels!