Sunday, May 17, 2015

Cohansey River - at anchor

A zero carbon footprint powerplant on Delaware Bay
We had intended anchoring at Chesapeake City but then the weather was so fair and the winds so light without waves that we decided to push on to Delaware City at the end of the Chesapeake - Delaware Canal. We made reservations and was due to arrive at 4:30 when the weather continued to be outstanding so we pushed even more and reached Cohansey River. We had anchored there several times before so we were familiar with the place. We covered 85 Nm today. 

Delaware Bay was never so calm as today! It was completely flat and we know how worked up the bay can be, we've been in it in the past. The anchorage here is strange. The approach includes going over a 7.5 ft bar at the entrance but then the bottom drops out to 45 ft! So we anchored over on one side in 30 ft of water behind the island. There's no wind expected tonight so we feel secure. We are the only ones in the anchorage. It even includes a sandy beach for Hoolie relief, what more to ask?

A very calm day and a calm sunset
Now we are staged for getting through the Cape May canal at low tide so we can clear the 55 ft bridges (measured at high tide, we are 55.3 ft!). We will spend Monday night at Cape May and then head for Atlantic City the next day on Tuesday. Wednesday is a wash out with strong winds out of the north but the next day there's a window to head north, hopefully.