Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Mill Creek - Waiting for weather

Ann's latest work in psatel
A small craft advisory will continue through Wednesday night with 15 to 20 kt winds and gusts to 30 with 3 to 4 ft waves. On the Chesapeake the waves are closely spaced. One time we came from Atlantic City to NYC along the New Jersey coast with 4 ft swell but with a 15 second period, we didn't even see them. Not so on the Chesapeake. They are usually only a few seconds apart and can be managed if the wind and waves are directly behind you but on the side or on the bow, forget it unless you like to be tossed about, some do I guess.

If it wasn't for channel markers, I don't think ospreys would have anywhere to build a nest
So on Wednesday it's out of the north with gusts to 30 kts and 4 ft waves, not good for going north. The weather starts to moderate on Thursday  but doesn't settle down until Friday with winds out of the south, that's probably when we'll leave unless there's a huge change in the forecast.

Eight more boats came in today - I wonder if anyone will leave on Wednesay?
Ann worked on her pastels today and I included her most recent painting above. She has a complete set of pastels and although it's not the equivalent of her studio at home, it's worthwhile work for the boat.

We are due for a big weather change from a high today of 90 to a high on Wednesday of only 72. That's the north wind that's coming at us and punishes anyone foolish enough to go north is such conditions. We'll stay put.