Saturday, May 9, 2015

Hampton - Waiting for weather

The museum is self supporting in funding - a good way to go
Ana is due to make landfall tonight but the forecasts up here are still okay for going up the Chesapeake (if they're accurate...) So if the forecasts hold for 10 to 15 kt winds out of the south, then we will leave Sunday morning for Deltaville. It's a 40 mile trip so we figure on around 6 hours. However, things can change when you're dealing with weather forecasts, as we've learned. We will check at 7:00 am on Sunday and then decide.

All towns ought to have block parties for their residents, a good investment in giving people somewhere to go
Meanwhile we spent all day cleaning the boat. It had accumulated debris from our ICW trip north and needed help to look good. We've given up on Pirate, he must be gone, no further reports unless he suddenly appears.

Hampton has a block party every Saturday night so we walked by with Hoolie. The amps had nothing left to give, everything was max'ed out. Why do bands play everything at max volume? I guess it's the same reason that 85% of Harley owner defeat the noise control on their bikes and why go-fast boats sound just like a motorcycle. I guess it's a "notice me" syndrome.

So it's an early morning update and then a decision.