Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Alligator River Marina - at a face dock

Like I said, it's a gas station with docks
We had to take on fuel and water this morning before leaving RE Mayo Docks so we didn't get an early start. One of the huge shrimp boats came in last night and lost his reverse just as he was preparing to stop next to the docks. The docks suffered for the reverse failure. He managed to turn it around before running into the bridge not far downstream and docked successfully. The control line had come loose from the transmission during the maneuver (when's the last time you checked yours?)

Meanwhile we took on fuel. The attendant would only give us a gravity feed since the pump was made to push out fuel for the 100 ft boats, we would have been overloaded in the extreme. So it took us about 20 minutes to take on 40 gallons due to the low flow. We finally got started around 9:30 and headed north. We had intended anchoring at the Pungo River anchorage but with the good weather and wanting to make the best of it, we decided to push on to the Alligator River Marina and arrived around 6:15 pm, a long day.

Beautiful day, beautiful sunset
The marina here is really just a roadside gas station with a few adjacent docks. Their claim to fame is the location halfway between Elizabeth City and RE Mayo Docks. Location is everything. We're here for just the night and then we're headed for Elizabeth City and a free dock. We hope to be in Hampton, VA by Friday for a few days to provision and rest up for the trip up the Chesapeake. We didn't see Pirate today, maybe he's jumped ship?


wjs said...

Pirate jump ship? Have you been providing a nutritous diet, and not chasing the flies away? If Pirate does make it to the Hudson Valley you're going to have to take him back to FL next fall.

Bill S.