Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Mill Creek Anchorage - still waiting for weather

The anchorage is very pastoral and the shoreline is mostly undeveloped
The winds in the Chesapeake were still gusting over 30 mph from the north with 4 ft waves. Since we wanted to go north, it was not a good day for that direction. The first day we were here, we were the only boat but now there are nine of us holed up. The winds are due to turn around by Thursday afternoon to out of the south but too late for us to make it to Solomons unless the forecast changes.

Meanwhile, this is a pleasant anchorage. The holding is excellent and there's lots of room. It could hold a hundred boats I think without getting crowded. With the wind protection from the high trees around, we are very comfortable. We even had a place for Hoolie relief on a deserted  beach nearby. However, we're out of ice and there's nothing nearby for that. So I put a couple of ice trays in the freezer but it takes 24 hours to make ice that way.

We noticed a raccoon checking out the beach behind the boat
There is still supposed to be 20 kt winds and 4 ft waves out of the north Thursday morning and it's 42 miles to Solomons so we'll probably still be here Thursday and leave for Solomons Friday morning. From Friday on the weather looks good for going north the next three days so we hope to be in Chesapeake City by Sunday night and then we'll start looking at how to get down Delaware Bay.