Sunday, May 10, 2015

Fishing Bay Yacht Club - at a free dock

The creek side of the yacht club
We left around 8:00 and had to stop for fuel at Bluewater Marina, just down the line on the way out. Although the fuel gage on the Beneteau 423 is wildly inaccurate, you can calibrate it by writing down how much fuel you need against the gauge reading. After dozens of refuelings I  can now determine the fuel needed for a refill to within a gallon.

The bay side yacht clubhouse
The day turned out to be much better than predicted with light winds of 10 kts or so out of the southeast. Since we were headed northwest, that was a perfect direction! The Coastal Forecasts tend to be worse case scenarios.  On the way into the yacht club, we watched a boat ahead of us come to a complete stop! He had run aground in the narrow passage to the creek. I looked at Active Captain and saw that there was shoaling on the green side and to favor the red side of the channel. This is typical of the information available on Active Captain for all potential hazards and is invaluable for cruisers, very useful information!

The creek side clubhouse
The Fishing Bay Yacht Club is just a beautiful place. They have three, large buildings - a main clubhouse facing the bay and a second clubhouse on the opposite side facing the creek. They have an active sailing program for the youth with three arrays of single class boats for racing. They also have a swimming pool for membership enjoyment and an active participation program. For visiting yachtsmen they offer free dockage along with a free electrical connection for the first night. If you have to stay longer, it's $1.50/ft. It's a friendly club and highly recommended for a night's stay. 

One of three arrays of single class sailboats for racing
We think we will be headed north on Monday provided the forecast does not change, never a certainty.