Tuesday, September 18, 2018

PYC - On to our boat on Wednesday, down the coast Saturday?

SwellInfo says go
Saturday is still looking like a possible window for going down the New Jersey coast although all the weather apps still contradict each other. SwellInfo is shown above. With that, we'll go on Fleetwing tomorrow afternoon so we can leave Thursday morning for Haverstraw.

Windy is not as wonderful on a prediction but still doable
That will stage us for a trip down the Hudson River to anchor out at Atlantic Highlands on Friday. I expect a crowd since we've all been waiting for the same weather window. Hopefully, there will be room to anchor somewhere. The weather for the trip down the Hudson is supposed to be nice, at least. We have a ton of stuff to do before leaving the house for a couple of months and that will take up most of the morning. Then it's off to PYC and onto Fleetwing for the night.

I like this picture!
It seems that every year there's something different to worry us about for the trip south. I do have to say that the Atlantic has calmed down for the last couple of weeks. Everybody needs the time to recover from Florence. Now, if only we can find a window down the coast, then we can start to make progress and relax.


Unknown said...

Your anchor spot will be open tomorrow-Obsession is headed for Atlantic City tomorrow am at o dark 30. Hope to see you guys soon!

Bob423 said...

Janice, I was only kidding about the spot! We're still aiming for Saturday. The forecasts are still all over the place with the worst one being PredictWind Euro with tweaks at 22 kts out of the north. Other forecasts have less wind. SwellInfo shows 10 to 13 kts out of the north with 2.8 ft swells out of the south. Let me know how it turns out, maybe we'll do another "Weather App Shootout" article.

Hope to see you along the way.

Unknown said...

I know you were just kidding. We have favorite spots in Cuttyhunk and Block Island. Our.friends all know about them too. Sailors are good at sharing! We are having a fairly pleasant trip to AC so far. Will probably anchor out tonight and get a slip tomorrow. We all need a good bath!