Monday, September 24, 2018

Atlantic City - Day 2 at dock

Ann's work of the day, much better than what I spent my time doing
The wind is howling, the rain is pelting, and it's cold outside. But we are snuggled up inside with both heaters going, 1500 watts for the main cabin and a 400 watt unit for the forward berth. The combination keeps Fleetwing nice and comfy. Taking Hoolie outside is a test of timing between rain showers but it so much better than taking him ashore if we were at anchor.

So what do we do on a rainy, cold, windy day? Ann painted and I like the results. It's a scene from our backyard during warmer days. I worked on tracking down that package that was supposed to be delivered Saturday. FedEx says it was delivered, the marina said it never was. So now I'm in claim mode with FedEx. The guy that delivered the package was off today so FedEx will ask him where exactly he thought he delivered it when he returns to work on Tuesday.

The crowds at the Golden Nugget haven't skipped a beat
We are pretty much in waiting mode for a weather window and Friday still looks like the earliest calm day. Thursday is doable but for us, Friday is calmer and we like calm. Of course, the forecasts for 3 to 5 days out are always better than when they actually appear on your doorstep. There are a bunch of us holed up along the New Jersey coast from the Atlantic Highlands to Cape May, nobody is moving for a while.


Vermontsailor said...

Well, Bob we may catch up to you. My wife Linda and I are currently sitting on a mooring at PYC. Our Mast went back up two days ago at Catskill Creek. We plan on sailing the NJ coast on Thursday and/or Friday.

Bob423 said...

Nile, watch that weather! There’s a disturbance brewing off the coast just south of the Carolinas. We hope to reach Cape May on Friday.

Anonymous said...


Have enjoyed following you the last couple of years. I know from experience that finding the right weather window for the Jersey coast and then Delaware Bay can be exasperating. Last spring, while helping a friend move his trawler from Southport NC to Oceanport NJ we were forced to leave the boat in Delaware City for a week due to weather.

So - my question: have you ever thought about keeping your boat in the Chesapeake? I live in northern New Jersey and keep my boat on Kent Island, across from Annapolis. On my pier there are folks from Jersey, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Maryland, Delaware and , at one time, from Colorado. You would have the great boating in the Chesapeake with the kids and avoid the week plus of angst at the beginning and end of your annual fandago. Just a thought. Stay safe and warm.


Bob423 said...

Walt, yes, we’re thinking about that right now for the spring.. we’re looking around the Deltaville area.