Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Atlantic City - Boat work

I didn't see these here in the spring so they must have come in during some storm
There are some things you just have to do on a boat, however much you don't want to. So I spent most of the day getting the heads in order. Having a working engine is vital, you need your sails if you're a sailboat, navigation instruments are essential - but nothing compares to not having working heads! Ugh!

We are waiting for our package of parts that were supposed to  be delivered to Atlantic Highlands to reach us at Atlantic City. We don't have a tracking number or any other information but the package is due Thursday. Meanwhile, my patch fix is still holding.

The transportation of choice are these Chrysler models
To add to everything else, my Prosine 3.0 gave up the ghost. It was 15 years old so I suppose I can't complain but I am anyway. The closest match I found that was reasonable was the Xantrex Freedom XC 2000  So I have it on order for pickup at Hampton, VA. We use it for powering the microwave for reheating leftovers for lunch and for our 400-watt Brightown heater that works well for keeping the windshield clear during foggy or rainy days. We had a 200 watt heater but it wasn't enough. Our 1000 watt ceramic heater we use for the main cabin was too much. The 400 watt unit is just right.

Hopefully, our engine parts will arrive Thurday and then we'll be ready for our trip to Cape Map at Utsch's Marina. If all goes according to plan, we'll leave in the dark Saturday morning to get under the Cape May Canal bridges and out into the bay on the way to Chesapeake City and the anchorage there. It was just dredged so it ought to be good.


Unknown said...

Thanks for lending us your spot in Cohansey Cove. The storm skirted us, keepingvto the north with all its fireworks and heavy rain. We got some, but not too bad. Headed up the Delaware in a few minutes. Want to catch the tide around 8:00am. See you soon.

Bob423 said...

Janice, somewhere we just have to meet up. Ann's anxious to meet you too.