Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Atlantic City - We see the sun!

View from the swimming pool, pretty full but plenty of slips available still
A day can't be all bad when the sun comes out. It mostly didn't rain either, what more to ask? Well, one thing to ask for is a weather window to reach Cape Map. Thursday would probably be a good enough day but we're going to wait for Friday to leave. After that, one app says Saturday is good for going up Delaware Bay and the other one says Sunday is the day. Things usually become clearer when you get closer to decision time. At least we are situated well for a flood tide going north to Chesapeake City. One thing you never want to do is experience wind against current when transiting Delaware Bay! It can be downright dangerous.

Play those slots - but not me
The saga of the lost FedEx package was solved today. It turned out that the sender "ran out of room" in the address field given the long marina name to include my name. The marina got a package addressed to them with no indication that it was directed to anyone else. FedEx had delivered it but the marina didn't realize it was directed to me since my name was not on it. I got FedEx to retrieve the package and redirect it to Atlantic City with a due date of Thursday. Let that be a lesson to all, be sure that your name is on a package to be delivered to a marina!

The casinos know how to be gaudy
The marina here seems to have fewer empty slips than in the past but in walking through the casino this afternoon, I didn't notice a bigger crowd than usual at the slots. Meanwhile, we're just waiting for weather for the trip to Cape Map. I think everyone is piling up, waiting for the Socastee Swing  Bridge to be operational again. It's blocking the entire ICW. Unfortunately, the river there hasn't even crested yet, it's still going up! It zoomed by the old record by 2 ft and still moving. I would guess at another 1.5 weeks until it's open again so we're in no rush. At least the sun came out today for the first time in over a week!


Unknown said...

We are underway to Cohansey River from Cape May. Seas out here about 4 ft, light winds from the south. Wind, current and sea conditions should subside as we round the Cape and head up the Delaware. Not too bad out here though. Hurry up and catch up to us! I want to meet you! Obsession-Catalina 42.

Captain Bob said...

Bob, have you considered an overnight from Cape May to Cape Charles and into the Chesapeake? You could avoid the Delaware Bay and all of the Chesapeake Bay. We did it and ended up at Salt Ponds. It worked well for us, although we aren't big on overnights any more.
Carpe Diem

Bob423 said...

Bob, we are done with overnighters. We like the shorter day trips. We did a few in our younger days but no more.