Saturday, September 29, 2018

Cape May at Utsch"s Marina - We leave at first light for Chesapeake City

The whale watch boat had no problem with the bridge height
It was a calmer day than we expected and we probably could have moved on but we enjoyed the warm day here. The work on the bridges in the Cape May Canal is completed but the height boards don't agree with each other depending upon which way you go! I'll still with my 58 ft at low tide which has served me well for the last 9 years. I suspect that there's more than 58 feet of clearance at low tide but I'm not going to test it. Remember, you also have to figure in the true water height vs predicted tide height in the calculations of how much clearance you have.

We are packed
The marina here looks to be completely full! Business is booming and that's a good thing for the economy. On the other hand, boats are piling up, waiting for the Socastee Swing Bridge to open for the way to Georgetown to be clear. That's not going to happen for at least another week.

A better picture of our dreamboat
Meanwhile, we'll make our day south at our pace, one day at a time. We do hope to make the hop to Chesapeake City on Sunday. It will be along day but the tide will be with us and with light winds.