Friday, September 21, 2018

Atlantic Highlands - at anchor

The old Tappen Zee is being removed piece by piece
We awoke to an announcement that the Tappen Zee bridge just south of us was closed to marine traffic! That's rather startling to hear when you're trying to head south on the river. If listened closely after the announcement that the river was closed, you heard that you could pass under the bridge using the west side of the channel. One wonders why the Coast Guard couldn't just say that the first time? We passed on the west side with no problem. We got the tip from a tug heading north, we couldn't understand the Coast Guard, very garbled.

Always be prepared for a lot of boat
traffic when going through NY Harbor!
After passing that hurdle in our path, we went below to do a routine check on the engine. I found a fuel leak! It was dribbling into the sump under the engine (which is separated from the main boat sump). I had replaced the secondary fuel filter (the one on the engine) as part of getting ready to go south for another year. It was a bleeding tap on top of the filter that has to be loosened to let air out of the fuel lines. Well, it was leaking under the nut. No problem, thought I, just tightened the nut. After I tightening, it still leaked a little. So I tightened it some more. Still a little, More tightening and then it started to leak a lot! With further turns, it didn't seem to help.

We then anchored the boat just north of the George Washington bridge to troubleshoot. Upon inspection, I found I had stripped the threads in the female part of the connection. The fuel system was otherwise fine, I just had to find a way to stop fuel leaking out of the bleeding nut. I found a selection of  O Rings and fit one the nut that would tighten. However, it was tight enough for the O Ring to seal so we restarted our trip to Atlantic Highlands.

20 boats anchored here tonight! Everyone is backed up.
Meanwhile, I ordered the parts I needed and had them shipped overnight to the municipal dock for a Saturday delivery. If all goes according to plan (ha!), we'll go down the coast on Sunday to Atlantic City. Wish us luck, we could use it.


Unknown said...

Never a dull moment! I trust you are anchored in Your Spot! We are in Atlantic City. Our raw water heat exchanger let go. Waiting for a new one-maybe tomorrow. And mechanic said he’d install etc. Tomorrow. We’d like to leave Sunday(dockage $$$ is getting eaten up) but if not maybe Monday. So we might see you. We are on H dock-at the very end. Safe travels. Obsesdion.

Bob423 said...

We hope to get there Sunday. Waiting for repair kit.