Saturday, July 14, 2018

Northport at Sand City - at anchor

We weren't the only ones out enjoying the day
Hi, it's Sarah again reporting from Northport also known as Sand City.  This morning I woke up to the smell of delicious bacon and pancakes. Shortly after our rather big breakfast, we left Port Jeff. The water had a pleasant calmness to it even though it was a beautiful day with everybody out on the water. I sat on the rim of the boat as we passed by countless numbers of land formations and different kinds of boats. There was one section of water where it seemed like every single fishing boat was in the area was fishing. There was one big fishing boat that had about forty people that were fishing on it.

As we passed by various things I slowly daydreamed into sleep, taking a short little nap until we got to Northport. We didn’t have much trouble anchoring and found the perfect spot. There were so many small boats near the shore. So once in a while, the boat has gotten rocked pretty well and let me tell you it’s surprising. I then made lunch for all the kids and we continued are so-called ongoing chess championship. First, it was Finn and Natalie, I helped by literally moving the pieces for Natalie. In the end, I had Finn trapped (After I took over the side of the board Natalie had) and he then lost. For the last couple of days, I have been unbeatable, unlike my last Blog where I kept on losing. Later we put on our bathing suits and rode the dink into shore to go swimming. The water was cold, but it was that good kind of cold where it was surprising and pleasant at the same time. I walked Hoolie up the shore before going into the water and I saw a bunch of horseshoe crab shells all surrounded each other. My first thought was that somebody found a bunch along the shore then put them near each other, but thinking now what if it was a whole group that just shredded their shell.

The great chess tournament resumes. That's Finn opposite Natalie. Rowan is in the background.
In the water, it was the Sherers against the Mcnaughton’s in a splashing water war. It was unclear who the winner was, but it was still a great time. After a good hour and a half Finn, Natalie, Grandpa, and I lifted up the dink to bring it back into the water. That was no problem, the problem was Natalie and Finn weren’t in the boat for our descent. They had to flop over barely making it on and as someone who was already on the boat, it was hilarious to watch. On the boat, we rinsed off and I went on deck to read my book until I  remembered I had to do the Blog. I don’t know why I always forget and it springs up on me. For dinner, we're having sweet and sour chicken and tonight were finishing a beloved movie here on the Fleetwing that is “Captain Ron”. Bye

Well, I guess Sarah had a lot to write about today. We are on our way back to PYC and stopped over at Sand City near Northport. Sunday is predicted to be a day of thunderstorms so we thought we would layover at Manhasset and leave for PYC on Monday morning. The tides are right for a ride up the Hudson with the current in our favor all the way home. The only hitch is that we have to leave Manhasset at 6:00 am or earlier to make slack tide at Hell Gate.

Sand City on a Saturday in July
Meanwhile, we still have no wind. We haven't been able to sail the entire trip! Sunday and Monday are predicted to be no better, light winds. My toothache seems to have settled down with the antibiotic treatments.

Even without the wind, the kids have been in the water every day and that's a big plus. At Sand City, there were almost a hundred boats enjoying the hot weather. It was a little rocky with all the boats going by but not too bad. On to Manhasset Sunday.