Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Manhasset - A Ride through the East River

Hello, fellow sailors, I am Natalie. Today we sailed the seas of the east river and the long island sound. Through New York City we went quickly as can be while the waves of sailboats, water taxies, and ferries went by. It was rocky and tough with the water flowing by, but alas up ahead I see it. Lady Liberty, a symbol of freedom, bravery, and hope. For we the crew of the Fleetwing saluted the Lady, with the wind in our flag of the red, white, and blue. And how lucky we were to see the symbol of liberty and freedom on the day we got it ourselves.

We all enjoyed the ride up the East River, what a sight!
It was rock and roll through New York Harbor on the 4th of July! We had to beat the closing of the East River due to fireworks but we made it through in plenty of time. As it turned out, we had the current with us down the Hudson and also through Hell Gate, a swift ride. 

We took advantage of the free moorings (green) and picked one up as we arrived. After that, the kids went in swimming, a time honored way of entertaining kids, especially on a hot day. They each had temporary tattoos honoring the 4th and we put up a string of flags to decorate Fleetwing.

On Thursday, it's off to Northport and Sand City for a beach and more time in the water. It's supposed to be cooler too.


wjs said...

I hope you saw fireworks. A few years ago we were on a mooring at City Island on July 4th an saw fireworks from all the surrounding communities that lasted for hours. Too far from NYC to see theirs.