Monday, July 9, 2018

Mattituck - at anchor

A rather unique boat anchored next to us. It has its own garden aboard
It’s Rowan again. Today we went from Branford to Mattituck. Still no sailing. We went swimming again. Finn usually pushed me into the freezing cold salt water. For dinner, we had, surprisingly, cheeseburgers. Sorry for this short Blog. Bye.  

Here's Natalie by the leftover dinghy dock. The dock is functional but better at high tide so you don't have to climb the ladder. 
Freezing cold water? The water temperature in the anchorage is 75F! Once again we had no wind. However, the sunshine was glorious and the temperature hit a high of 83 with low humidity so there were compensations. On top of that, the kids were in the water for over two hours. 

There are only three boats in the anchorage tonight. The town dock is gone, just the pier remains. They did salvage one dock and tied it to the bulkhead beside a ladder so there is a way to get to shore. You can also use one of the two concrete boat ramps too which we did for Hoolie relief. There is also a marina here that seems to have a very high opinion of itself. They charge $4.75/ft for docking! What a laugh. Who would pay for that when there's a perfectly good anchorage 50 ft away. In fact, we saw only one boat that might be a transient, the rest of the docks were empty. They were just bought out by a chain that offers other marinas in much more posh settings like Sag Harbor. Some people are unaware of the basic economics of supply and demand.
Time for a sunset!
We plan on moving over to Port Jefferson Tuesday. It's a dependable area for swimming for the kids and allows time for my repair package for the alternator (new brushes) to arrive at Milford on Wednesday. Hopefully, that will fix the engine charging problem.