Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Milford - at Milford Landing Marina

Milford is empty! There are usually a dozen boats here, we are one of only two tonight
Hi, it is Finn again with another Blog entry. Today was amazing mostly because we took an actual shower which felt amazing. We also played monopoly together there was no winner because nana needed the table for dinner. Tonight for dinner we are having pork stir fry and tonight we are having ice cream from Scooby does ice cream shop. Tomorrow we are going back to port Jeff. I don’t know why but I do know we can swim there. Speaking of swimming I just noted that we haven’t swum today. We have swum everywhere but here. Well that just about wraps it up in a gourmet bun today Byyyyyy           
Oh what choices at Scoopy Doo's
Once again the winds were less than 10 kts and even then they were directly on the nose. So we motored north from Port Jefferson to Milford. It was mostly smooth but it got choppy at one point and one by one the occupants down below started to pop up out of the hatchway for a seat in the cockpit. Everyone, that is, except "Iron Stomach" Rowan, our youngest member at 8 years old. He stayed below playing a video game while everyone else was on top. 

Note that Hoolie is hoping for a treat - please, please.....
There was no swimming today but there are compensations. The main attraction is one of the best ice cream stores on the east coast, Scoopy Doo's Ice Cream, It's worth a side trip if you're in the area just to experience the largest ice cream selection anywhere - and good too. 

My brushes for the alternator arrived today and I spent most of the afternoon installing them. I haven't tested yet whether they fixed the problem, I'll find out Thursday when we head south for PJ again. I bought the brushes from a company in Texas, Amp Tech, which I highly recommend. They make a wide range of products, one being a high output alternator which is entirely made in the US and at half the price of a Bosch alternator and it has better specs too. My last one from Amp Tech lasted 15 years and hopefully only needs new brushes. I'll find out tomorrow.