Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Port Jefferson - at anchor

Hoolie tracked the swan like it was on radar. He kept it off the boat!
Hi, guys, it is Sarah here with another Blog. It was a short ride from Mattituck to Port Jeff. I finished two books already, and I’m starting Catcher in the Rye. After we arrived, a swan greeted us. In real life, they aren’t that nice and hiss. We were trying to get in the water to swim ashore, but the swan was harassing us. So Grandpa took the hose on board and sprayed him with the water. He did it and then stopped, but the swan was drifting back towards the boat, so grandpa sprayed him a second time and by then he got the message. So we were able to jump in the water to shore, last time we left Nana realized we could go a bit closer to shore since there was a lower depth than expected. I got to shore first and I have to say it felt good to swim really fast for a long distance. It reminded me of when I use to swim in our local YMCA. After we enjoyed some time near the beach we went back to the boat. I arrived first again but then realized that I had left my shoes back on the shore. This meant I had to swim all the way back then to the boat again. Let me tell you, I was out of breath. I wobbled back onto the boat and took a relaxing shower after. Then I sunbathed on deck for a while and nearly fell asleep until I was reminded it was my turn for the Blog tonight. Tomorrow we are headed to Milford and I am excited for their famous (well to us not really the rest of the world) ice cream. Also I will finally take a real shower #BoatLife. We'll talk to you guys to whenever it is my turn next. Byeeeeeeeee!

The great swim race! Rowan, in yellow, finished second. Sarah, also in yellow, won. 
It was an easy day from Mattituck to Port Jefferson. There was no wind (again) so we just motored in flat seas. The sun was out all day and the temperatures hovered around 90F. There was no breeze at first but then one finally kicked up out of the south later in the day. Eventually, we gave up and ran the genset with AC to cool down the boat.

Port Jefferson is one of our favorite anchorages in Long Island Sound. 
The kids had no trouble cooling off by going in the water (again!) and even had a contest for swimming to shore from the boat (with life vests). Naturally, Sarah came in first with her training at the YMCA swim club but the surprise was Rowan, the youngest at 8 who finished second both times. His windmill stroke really makes progress going forward.

So it was another day on the Sound and on Wednesday, we're headed to Milford. The brushes I need to repair the alternator is on their way from Texas, due to arrive at Milford also on Wednesday. Now I just hope that the new brushes fix the problem!