Saturday, July 7, 2018

Port Jefferson - a little sail, mostly motoring

Sarah spent some time at the wheel today
Well, I am back and I promised a longer Blog so let's see what happens. This morning we had a breakfast of eggs and ham #delicious #is annoying. Moving on there was a squabble about the last biscuit I thought we could split it into 4ths but we would have gotten crumbs so we saved it I mean let's have a little pity. This poor biscuit just saw its family eaten in front of him. We went under sail and my little brother is SLEEPING. I got seasick so I laid down for a while. After that, we swam off the back of the boat and sunbathed. Now Nattily is making dinner for everyone. Well, that is all we did today. Good night.    

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Just to set the record straight, Natalie cooked the macaroni and cheese, Nana did everything else. I asked Finn where his second and third pages for the blog were at but I guess that's all we have. The trip over from Northport consisted of a sail until we reached the Sound and then the wind was exactly on the nose so we motored the rest of the way to Port Jefferson. The weather has changed for the better, much cooler now, no AC needed.

Finally, a nice sunset
When we come into Port Jefferson, we take a turn to starboard and anchor behind the sandbar so we are protected from a north wind and pet relief is nearby. Something new this year is "Harbor Courier Service" run by one person in an open skiff. You can order ice, get rid of trash, obtain deliveries from town - just like boat boys in the Caribbean. We ordered a 16 lb bag of ice cubes for $6.50 delivered. It seemed fair for the personal service.

On Sunday, we headed for Branford and will meet up with Sarah's and Natalie's family. It will be another day of water but this time it will be the pool at Branford, a very nice area in the marina. That will be followed by our usual outing at Lenny's, the best place for fried, full-bellied clams on the east coast. Natalie will be leaving us but the rest of the crew will be remaining.