Thursday, July 5, 2018

Northport - at anchor next to Sand City

Finn is helping me walk Hoolie at Sand City
Hi! I am Rowan. Today we motored from port Washington to north port. I still wonder when we are ACTUALLY going to sail. We have been using the motor so much, we ran out of fuel and water in TWO days. We went to a fuel dockand got gas and went. That is all I remember for today. Bye!                                                                                                                                                      
Rowan is 8, the youngest member of our crew. What we needed today was water, not fuel but while we were there, we filled up anyway. Four kids and two adults taking showers on the boat (the kids, after swimming in salt water) uses up water in a hurry. We carry 150 gallons and were into the second tank today so we took on 90 gallons to refill our forward tank. 

Here's a view north, not crowded at all. 
After cleaning a second blocked head, we took off for Northport. Naturally, there was no wind and there's no much wind forecast for Friday either. However, on Saturday, when we wanted to sail to Branford, lots of wind is predicted but right on the nose with gusts to 20 kts. We'll sit it out at Port Jefferson and go to Branford on Sunday. 

At least the kids are having fun in the water every day. They go off the back of the boat and seem to have a grand time. We will have more of that at Port Jefferson.