Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Solomons - at anchor

Lighthouse by Annapolis
We made it down to the Somonos by 2:30 after leaving Annapolis at 9:00 am. The weather was perfect as predicted (one wonders what surprises the weatherman is saving up for us...) as is the prediction for the next two days, enough time to reach Hampton, VA. The wind was behind us and with only 1 ft waves, we cruised down the Chesapeake in comfort.

The Solomons anchorage is so peaceful, surrounded by fine homes
Alison had her surprise  birthday gift from Rudy, starting out with an empty box (just to keep her guessing) but she finally opened the last box for the necklace she wanted. Meanwhile, my zoom camera quit working, the lens will not retract and I'm looking for a new camera. Also, the washdown pump backflush staarted to leak so Rudy and I took a ride into the Holiday Inn dinghy dock (great convenience) and walked over to the nearby Westmarine store. Unbelievably they actually had the exact size part I needed. Usually what I want is represented by a blank space on the rack but not this time.

So a few more todo's accomplished today. Wednesday is a long day to reach Fishing Bay YC, 57 miles in all so we'll leave to 8:00 am and to be there by 4:00 we hope. Tonight appears to be perfectly calm and not crowded, a great anchorage on the way south, much recommended.

 The answer to yesterday's quiz is tricky since several of the answers could be correct. However, the answer that most closely matches experience on the ICW is "D", slow down and the overtaking boat will also slow down and pass you on your port side about 90% of the time. For the remaining 10% of the time, the boat will not slow down eliciting gloomy looks all around.  You're supposed to call ahead on VHF and ask permission to pass but no one ever does anymore. 
Q4:  You're approaching a bridge that will open on schedule in 10 minutes if boats request it. The boat ahead of you just asked for an opening; What should you do?
     A. Follow closely behind the boat in front of you, no need to repeat an opening request
     B.  Nevermind the boat ahead, call on VHF and also request an opening
     C. Same as "B" but also listen for a response from the bridge operator that you were actually heard.
     D. No need for VHF calls, the bridge operator can plainly see you and will open as scheduled (on the half hour, or top of the hour, etc.)