Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Fishing Bay Yacht Club - at a free dock

Fishing with nets, we passed close by, probably too close
The weather has just been extraordinary for a quick transit down the Chesapeake Bay this year! We had some wind behind us, not enough to push us at the speed we wanted but enough to help some. The water was flat, a rarity from our experience. We took advantage of the good conditions and headed south at 7.7 kts (with a fresh bottom we can cruise at 7.7 kts instead of our usual 7.3 kts).

Fishing Bay YC in Deltaville
Fishing  Bay YC is in Deltaville and you have to pass through a narrow passage to reach their docks. The channel is very well marked but it is very narrow, no room for error. They have a policy of offering members of other yacht clubs one free night's dockage. So we took advantage of the offer and have a dock for the night with free water and electricity. The members are friendly and we had help coming into our dock. Our crew took advantage of the well kept and clean showers!

The same YC on the Fishing Bay side
We only have 40 Nm to go on Thursday so we'll have a hearty breakfast and not have to leave until 9:00 am. We'll be at Hampton by 3:00 or so for a two day stay.
The answer to yesterday's quiz is "C". There have been documented cases where the bridge operator closed a bridge on top of a sailboat passing underneath, claiming that the sailboat did not request an opening. I personally know of at least three cases.
Q5:  You're going down the ICW and in looking at your chartplotter, you find that the ICW marker is in the middle of the channel as displayed on your chartplotter and in some areas, the magenta line (the preferred path per the chart) passes the marker on the wrong side. What do you do?
     A. Follow your chartplotter since your GPS is accurate to a few feet, even if it shows you going outside the markers.
     B. Nevermind your chartplotter follow the markers and stay between them!
     C. Split the difference to average out the errors.