Friday, September 27, 2013

Hampton - we rent a car and provisoin

We beat the rough weather on the Chesapeake pictured here 
When we want to provision, we usually rent a car from Enterprise for about $35/day including tax. The city marina at Hampton has an Enterprise rental office within 100 ft of the docks, very convenient. So off we went to first get a replacement camera for the one that malfunctioned, another Canon but this time the 330 HS model. It still has the best features I want and it's relatively inexpensive at $179. This model upped the zoom to 10x and added a function to transfer the photos to my iPad wirelessly, no WiFi or internet connected required.

This tree was holding out against the high winds, still
After a trip to Best Buy, we dropped by a Walmart Supercenter for groceries and Hampton has one of the best Walmarts we've seen up and down the ICW. So it was a successful day of getting ready for the rest of the trip. Walmart now has a family sized rotisserie chicken and we found it will feed a party of four, all for $8.88, not bad.

Ann found the beginnings of fall down here
Saturday is an early morning rising since we have to make the 9:30 bridge opening to have time to reach the Dismal Swamp lock opening at 11:00. With that schedule, it's off at 6:45 am, heading south by all the Naval shipyards, quite a sight. We'll overnight at the welcome center and hopefully won't have to tie up to someone else. There's room for about four boats, anymore and the late arriving boat have to tie up to the outside of the boats already there - and walk over your boat to get to shore. However, that's part of cruising down the ICW.