Sunday, September 29, 2013

Elizabeth City - at a free dock, the bulkhead

Elizabeth City knows how to welcome boaters!
The thing we like about the visitor's center in the Dismal Swamp are the quiet nights. The wind cannot get at the boat since it's surrounded by tall trees and there's no boat traffic since the locks are closed at 3:00 pm, perfect stillness. The visitor's center has a special section just for boaters with free WiFi and a loaner library. The adjacent wildlife center is open until 4:30 and free for our use. All in all a very good stopover.

We docked at the bulkhead this time around for easy access to a rental car by the crew
We left around 10:00 to make the 11:00 am lock opening and then motored on to Elizabeth City. We took the bulkhead dock just west of the bridge so our crew would have easy access to a parking area for pickup on Monday by Enterprise Rent-A-Car for their drive home. We'll be without crew for awhile.

On Monday we're headed for Alligator River Marina and then on to the Pungo River anchorage to arrive at Liz and Don Bunch's condo by Wednesday if the weather holds up and nothing else sets the plans amiss. They've reserved a slip for our use while there so we'll rest up a bit before continuing south again.
Another quiz!!
You're headed south down the ICW which normally requires passing red markers on the starboard side and green markers on the port side. In exiting the Dismal Swamp canal you see the markers as pictured below. What do you do?
     A. Yeah, I can tell red from green, I've been passing reds to starboard for 100's of miles and  by God I'm going to keep doing that!
     B. Nevermind the colors, pay attention to the yellow shapes. Pass yellow triangles to starboard no matter the color of the markers and the yellow squares to port.
     C. Look at your chartplotter, follow a line between the two sets of markers no matter the colors

Answer tomorrow.
Red marker, yellow square?
Green marker, yellow triangle?