Monday, September 16, 2013

Camera non-functional!

Went to turn on the camera today and found that the lens would not retract and the camera would not function. So for today I am without photos! I have my old camera still with me and the camera on the iPhone5 which I can use as a backup, will do so on Tuesday.

We made it down to the Hook Mountain anchorage in Haverstraw Bay and will start out Tuesday morning for the Atlantic Highlands anchorage that night. Except for the camera, everything else is working. The outboard started up without a hitch after three months of idle time and Tuesday morning we'll try out our new genset again.

The passage down the coast to Atlantic City still looks good for Wednesday although the Coast Guard forecasts have varied between 3 to 4 to 3 to 5 ft waves all day. At last look, it was back to 3 to 4 ft waves, still higher than what we would like but doable.

So on Tuesday we'll transit New York harbor with all the ferry traffic and anchor at Atlantic Highlands in preparation for a 5:30 departure on Wednesday morning!