Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Atlantic City - at the Golden Nugget Dock

TJ took this photo of the rising sun as we rounded Sandy Hook this morning
The trip down the New Jersey coast was one of the smoothest rides we've ever had. The Coast Guard forecast was for 3 to 4 ft swells out of the east but they turned out to be nothing of concern. There was no wind and so there was no chop and the ride was smooth. What a different compared to last year! Got off our anchor at 6:00 am and headed to round Sandy Hook and got to Atlantic City by 4:30. When there are no heading seas or wind, you can make good time.

This is the last day for Phil and TJ Bowdler. They found a rental car from Hertz within walking distance of the marina for $60 one way to Poughkeepsie, not a bad deal at all. We'll see them off in the morning and do a wash and refill our water tanks. On Friday we plan on continuing on to Cape May and then Saturday to Chesapeake Ctiy followed by Annapolis by Sunday afternoon if the weather holds where we hope to meet up with Rudy and Alison.

So far everything has behaved itself on the boat, including the genset and the outboard which hadn't been started for three months, no problem. Hoolie has settled back into the boating routine as we ourselves have. Nice to be back on the water.