Friday, September 28, 2012

Solomons - West Marine Day and provisioning

"Leaving without me?!" (had to go to West Marine, no dogs)
The coastal forecast for the Chesapeake was for 2 to 3 ft waves and a south wind which is not wonderful for going 65 miles to Deltaville. So we are going to wait out the weather until it's perfect which is due Monday and Tuesday but you know how that goes! With any luck we'll be in Hampton on Tuesday night.

On Saturday I need to change all the fluids on the boat: the main engine oil and filter, the Panda oil and fuel filter and the outboard oil and lower gear oil. Ought to be at fun day... I did find Tear Aid which only West Marine sells for some reason. It's advertised as instant repair for Hypalon dinghies. Cut out a patch, stick it on and inflate. Of course, that's the ad speaking and not reality - but I'll be monitoring the dinghy and let you know if the repair is a success (anything that easy can't be any good...)

Rain, rain, rain. Oh well, we're snug
One of the reasons we like the Holiday Inn anchorage is not only the dinghy dock provided by the hotel for a nominal fee ($2/day) but also it's only 5 minutes from West Marine and about 20 minutes to Food Lion, the only supermarket close by. Best of all, it's free (except for the $2/day)! If you only need 7/11 type supplies, there's one about 5 min away. So we are waiting out the weather while I do my boat things and hopefully we'll be able to move on Monday.