Saturday, September 29, 2012

Solomons - Ribs tonight!

All alone in the anchorage - perfectly calm and protected
Another perfect day of full sun and warm weather, in the 70's. After all the preparation of gathering oils and filters yesterday, today was the day of execution - the main engine and genset oils and filters have been replaced. It's gotten to be a fairly routine thing to do by now. I use a manual vacuum oil pump that seems to work well. It takes two tries to get the 2.5 gallons of oil out of the main diesel.. The genset was next and the only thing left now is the outboard oil and gear oil, usually rather messy. I'll do that in Hampton.

The patch is not working - a bubble is forming under the patch
Unfortunately, the inflatable patch from Tear Aid seems to  be lifting. It has developed a bubble where the air was seeping out through the fabric. Eventually, the bubble will reach the edge and the patch will give way. I'll fall back on the tried and true two part adhesive for hypalon which I should have used to begin with. Live and learn, the mantra of boaters.

Good place for ribs - they have pulled pork too
We tried the rids from Boomerang's which is a 5 min walk from the Holiday Inn. It was very good. The ribs were tender and the crab puffs we ordered were a great plus. We would go back again. The weather forecast was changed for Sunday and now it looks like a good day for southing. We plan on making Deltaville and the free dock at the yacht club, a 57 nm trip. That would leave a short jump of 35 nm or so to Hampton for Monday. It's been a nice time here at Solomons in the Holiday Inn anchorage area, perfect for relaxing and catching up on boat chores.