Thursday, September 20, 2012

Atlantic City at The Golden Nugget Marina

City of lights - across from the Golden Nugget
We got up this morning at 4:00 am and took Hoolie ashore. Unfortunately, it was a low tide and Ann had to wade ashore with Hoolie for the last 100 ft or so. Hoolie was not certain he wanted to do that but with a little encouragement (poke, poke...) he finally jumped in and found the water to be only a couple of inches deep. Getting back in the dinghy was another challenge but then I had to paddle the dinghy to deeper water for several hundred feet before I could start the outboard - all this in pitch black darkness (there was no moon and no on-shore lights).

Rudy felt like 3/4 of the crew (not counting Hoolie)
We weighed anchor at 5:00 and were off. Joe and Rudy help greatly with spotlights to look ahead for lobster pots and we avoided them all. Rounding the corner, we found 3 ft waves coming in against the 2 kt current and it got quit rough. Fleetwing slammed down and pitched about as the waves passed underneath, not comfortable at all! This continued for about two hours before it slacked off a little but the boat was still slewing side to side making for a very upsetting ride and causing upset stomachs. The captain and two of the crew didn't feel very well but Joe was unaffected, "Quite enjoyable", he commented, certainly not boring.

Golden Nugget - Home of Viking Boats at dock, here's a brand new one, 82 ft long!
About halfway through the 10.5 hour ride, the wind and waves lessened and the ride was normal, conversation in the cockpit resumed! The  boat responded well, no problems, just rougher than we had expected. On Friday we hope to reach Cape May for the night at anchor if the weather holds up.