Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Rhode River at anchor

A deserted island with a sandy beach - priceless!
The winds were due to be out of the southwest and south over the next few days and since we've experienced very rocky moorings at Annapolis under those conditions, we decided to move south to the Rhode River anchorage. You would think that the moorings would be very protected but with winds out of the south the waves just roll around the corner and come directly into the mooring field, causing the bow to bob up and down about a foot, very uncomfortable at night. There were small craft advisories out until 10:00 and then were reinstated at 4:00 pm so we ducked out around 10:00 and made it into Rhode River by noon. We later learned that the Coast Guard never cancelled the 10:00 small craft advisory, plenty of wind and waves on the nose! The anchorage here is completely protected on all sides with good holding in 10 ft of water. Most importantly, there's a convenient, deserted island perfect for Hoolie relief. You just have to time your use in-between other boaters with dogs having the same requirement.

We are anchored in the Seven Seas Cruising club Gam area. They are holding a series of events and educational seminars 9/28 to 9/30 (starts Friday). We plan on just hanging out until Saturday right where we're at. We've had enough days of rough weather and want a perfect ride down to Solomons Island, our next stop. Besides, it's nice to just relax for awhile (in case your haven't heard, we're retired!)


Anonymous said...

You are following some of my favorite spots when I used to cruise the bay on Wind Song. There is a nice museum at Solomon's as well as a unique resterant calle Vera's White Sands in Lusby. Have fun
Greg Smith