Monday, September 24, 2012

Annapolis - Alligator in Ego Alley?!

An Alligator in Ego Alley in Annapolis!
The first order of business was to clean the dinghy. The ducks found it last night and it was covered with the by product of their digestive systems. There is a large population of ducks in the area since they are amply fed by the tourists - and now I know where they go at night!

It sure caught Hoolie's interest!
Joe and Rudy left today for home in a rental car and I headed back to the boat for the usual chores (laundry, pump out, ice, various supplies...) On the way in we saw something moving in the water in Ego Alley, right in the middle of Annapolis. It appeared to be an alligator! The guy in the kayak seemed not too concerned as it moved around his rather fragile vessel. This can't be we thought, alligators aren't this far north! But then there's the evidence. When we returned to the dinghy for the trip back to the boat, the "alligator" headed for our boat with Hoolie showing great interest. We figured out that the "alligator" was a remote controlled boat made to look like the head of an alligator. It looked pretty realistic, enough to fool us for awhile.

Oh well, just a remote controlled alligator
On Tuesday we're headed for Rhode River and some rest while the coming storms pass through on Tuesday night and Wednesday. Hopefully there'll be enough gaps to get Hoolie ashore.


wjs said...

We could use one of those RC alligators here at PYC to scare the geese.

Bill S.