Thursday, September 27, 2012

Solomons Island at anchor

Only 6 boats in the anchorage
With 5 kt winds and 1 foot waves, it was perfect for motoring so we took advantage of the weather to reach Solomons. The best anchorage is all the way in next to the Holiday Inn. They have a dinghy dock that you can use for only $2/day and they sell ice and there's a grocery store about 15 minutes to the north on the main road. If you wait to use the shuttle, you can reach the Wal-Mart nearby and other stores in the shopping center. We're happy with the supermarket which also has a Redbox for  movie rentals. There's a West Marine about 5 minutes away and some fast food restaurants along the way. Unfortunately, we get no TV stations over the air, a rarity along the way south. I guess the Solomons are too far out in the boonies for decent reception. However, there's good Verizon internet speeds so we're connected.

Showed up on AIS - got to avoid 
The anchorage here is perfect for waiting out for good weather. It offers 360 degree protection and pleasant surroundings. Our next jaunt is to Deltaville, about 65 miles south so we're looking for a perfect day with little to no wind and no waves. Any wind this time of the year and the Chesapeake can get really churned up, especially when crossing the Potomac.

Huge terminal on the Chesapeake
With a West Marine store nearby, there's a few chores I have scheduled that include changing the oil and filter on both the Volvo main diesel and the Panda genset, putting a patch on the dinghy (a worn spot that's developed a slow leak) and probably a few other things I'll think of when going through the store. There is always something to do on a boat!