Sunday, September 16, 2012

Final Preparations

On Sunday we loaded the last of the provisions and wondered about what we might forget, there's always something. In fact, when we sat down for dinner and looked for wine, there was none, ugh. Rudy had loaded his supplies that afternoon so we raided his store for a bottle of Riesling, oh well. We'll make a wine stop this afternoon.

Tuesday is looking interesting. The morning should be okay with light rain possibly but a cold front comes through late afternoon and evening with strong winds predicted, calming down after midnight. We plan on tucking into the Haverstraw Cove we've used before. It's unchartered but we know the way in, having been there three times before. It gives 360 degree protection with high hills on the banks keeping the winds from showing their worst.

We'll board Fleetwing late afternoon and the rest of the crew, Rudy and Joe, are due to arrive around 8:00 am Tuesday morning. Everything still looks doable for going down the coast but conditions can always change, we'll watch the weather closely.