Sunday, November 13, 2011

Vero Beach City Marina - Signing Up for 2012

Lots of boats but not full!
It's the time of year again where you have to chose the Medicare plan for next year. I get a huge packet in the mail about this time of the year but I've found that I can do everything over the Internet. So today we spent all day going through the material via the web - displayed on our 32 inch HDTV so we could both see all the options at the same time. No paper to print out - no trees to cut down. All my monthly bills are on automatic payment so there's nothing that requires getting mail for anyway. Anybody that wants to get hold of me will send an e-mail.

One of these days I'll actually learn their names
I converted the last of the internal lights to LEDs, the one over the gallery stove. All the LED lights are brighter than the halogens they replaced and use from 1/10 to 1/4 of the watts plus they're supposed to last longer than the boat will - plus they are much, much cooler (don't touch a halogen when lit!) All of this amounts to less of a load on the recharging systems (Volvo and genset). The biggest benefit came from replacing the anchor light with an LED - which, again, was much brighter than the lamp it replaced and used 1/10 the power.

So with all the deciding, nothing got done on the boat - but we did take a nice walk in 70 degree weather and there's always tomorrow.