Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Jekyll Island - at anchor

It's a beautiful thing - a place for Hoolie relief without mud
It was mud city again this morning at the Wahoo anchorage since it was low tide and all the mud flats were exposed for Hoolie to romp through. So we cleaned the dinghy, the dinghy lines, the dinghy itself, the life vest bag, ourselves, the swim platform on the aft of the boat, the floor and sides of the cockpit, etc. I don't think we'll come back to this anchorage again. It's a beautiful place to spend the night but getting the dog ashore - wow, the mud.

What's an anchorage without a sunset??
So today we aimed for one of our favorite anchorages, Jekyll Island. What makes it so special is the public dock for taking Hoolie ashore. As we walked ashore on the free dock, we glanced down at the mud flats - not for us this trip! The anchorage looks intimidating with the 4 ft listed depths but it's actually much deeper than that - around 10 ft - so it's usually empty and we took advantage of it tonight.

 By arriving at Jekyll Island, we've negotiated the worse of the shallow spots and with the high tides around 8 ft that we experienced, it was much calmer than last year when we seemed to hit everything at dead low tide! Pays to plan ahead.

I was able to get my Garmin 492 chartplotter to show depth soundings again by doing a reboot (press Quit and On at the same time, something that's not in the manual). Hopefully it will be stable from now on. On Tuesday we're headed for Fernandina, FL - so we'll cross over into Florida tomorrow! The weather is warming up again with all temps in the 70's with full sunshine - after all it's the sunshine state!