Saturday, November 12, 2011

Vero Beach City Marina - Reprovisioning

As you would expect, lots of birds around
For our first full day at Vero Beach we took the free bus to Publix and Fresh Market to restock our larder. Fresh Market specializes in produce and speciality foods while Publix has everything you would expect in modern supermarket. It's only a 10 minute ride to the markets which are on opposite sides of the street so they are both convenient. We've invested in a rolling cart which has come in very handy when you start transporting four cartons of milk and two of orange juice!

The bird on the post is enjoying the sunset too
I did some more curcuit tracing to find out why the charger on the engine cut in and out the other day. The charge is turned on by sensing 12v on the ignition circuit. When the technician installed the three stage regulator, he spliced into the ignition circuit by the alternator (to find the 12v signal). Well, it seems that after 8 years, the splice was no longer what it should be. I moved it around some to get better contact and the next day the charger worked fine. I need to do a permanent fix on Sunday (well, nothing is really permanent on a boat but you know what I mean).

Also, the genset doesn't want to draw water upon start up without me pouring some water down the intake (to get rid of air in the lines?) Always something to do on a boat. And, the teak needs to be done and a rewaxing of the bow area where the ICW has washed away the wax I put there in the spring. I found that if I keep it waxed, then I don't get the "ICW mustache", another secret of boat maintenance I've found no mention of anywhere.

Our TV antenna (Shakespeare 2020G) has never failed to pick up at least 20 digital channels and often 35 to 50 channels so Ann has something to watch at night when she wants. When TV went fully digital, the quality of the signal on the LCD TV is outstanding. No ghosting, no snow, etc. The only downside is if you're in a weak signal area it's possible for a signal to go in and out but whenever it's on, it's perfect - there's no inbetween.

We'll be here Sunday too, boat maintenance day, not bad when the temps are in the 70's.