Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Rockhouse Creek - at anchor - bad Hoolie

Looking towards the anchorage entrance
I found some loose plastic wrapping on the floor this morning but didn't think anything of it, I just put it in the trash. Fast forward to lunch time. Ann, "I'd like a piece of that nice cheese bread like we had yesterday". I said, "No problem, I'll get it while I'm down here - humn, where's it at?" "On the counter over the refrigerator". "No it's not!" "You sure" "Yep". By then all eyes turned to look at Hoolie! He had a midnight snack! It would do no good to punish him at that point, he's forgotten all about it but we would have felt better. It was good bread! No more food left out in reach!

Ft Matanzas in the daylight
We were rafted up with a trawler at the welcome center at the Dismal Canal but then we lost track of him completely. Well, today we looked back and saw him following us and turned into the same anchorage we chose tonight, Rockhouse Creek. Funny how you keeps meeting up with the same cruisers along the way.

Coming out of Pablo Marine two days ago we ran into something under the water that we never saw. It didn't seem to do any harm, we continued on but we noticed that the engine ran hotter than normal, about 15 degrees higher in temperature. Thinking there might be some type of blockage in the water intake I backflushed the intake hose but it didn't make any difference. Just for good measure, I changed the belt that was slipping anyway, thinking that perhaps it was slipping on the water pump too. No difference. I checked the impeller, the obvious choice but it was fine. The water filter was clean. So now we're headed to Titusville with an appointment with a diver. We need to change the zinc anyway and while he's down there, he'll look at the condition of the intake screen to see if it was damaged by whatever we hit two days ago. We'll see the diver Thursday morning at 8:00 am. In talking to the diver, he said the visibility has improved over the last week, he can now see 6 inches (it was zero!) Stay tuned.

End of the day
We were the first one into the anchorage today so we had our choice of spots. Everyone else formed a ring around us, surrounded on all sides, mostly okay for distance except one boat, but probably okay too. Boats always seem to like to congregate.