Sunday, November 6, 2011

Pablo Marina - Day 3 - More high winds

This model was outside a tattoo parlor - it has examples of their designs
We awoke to an overcast sky with wet stuff coming down, ugh. Furthermore, the winds were whipping too. Looking at the forecast, it was for 15 to 25 kt wins with gusts to 35 kts! Going down the ICW was not really a problem but we had to pass by one particularly bad inlet by St Augustine where there's an eight foot bar after making the turn just before the deeper harbor water. With the predicted seas of 8 ft or so, it would not be a pretty sight when those waves hit the bar. So, we elected to sit out yet another day and hope that the forecast for Monday is better to our liking - it's supposed to be calmer and with less wave action. We've now used up all our cushion in getting to Vero Beach for our week long stay there which is scheduled to start Friday. We now must move everyday to get there in time. If you can believe the forecasts, the weather is supposed to warm up to the high 70's.

The condos surround the marina
Meanwhile, we found a great sounding restaurant on Yelp and decided to go there for lunch but when we arrived, it was closed! Even though the website looked very recent and alive, the restaurant was not - should have called ahead I guess. There was a Fresh Market supermarket nearby so we just bought our dinner there for enjoyment back on the boat.

With winds continuing out of the northeast tomorrow, the anchorage at Ft Matanzas is good in that direction. We saw on the hurricane page that there's a 10% chance of a new hurricane developing off the Florida coast, hope that doesn't come true!